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DailyDay3: Fat Bagder

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Daily Day.

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The menu and introduction are fucking beautiful. They look so professional and coincide with each other in perfect harmony.

Toon 1- How the fuckkk can Badger hold an axe when he has no thumbs??25....,,

Toon 2- Badger In Space: The Lost Episode,,,

Toon 3- Cameo-whoring helo,,,

Happy 1 month after daily day 3, badger...//,


the interface in this movie is so incredibly something that it just makes me want to


^^Good Points^^
Being completely honest, this is one of your better submissions that I have watched, and one of the better Daily Day movies I've watched thus far. The intro was very well made, as was the menu. The first part to this had very neat effects. I really like the old timey stuff people make. The third part was a very nice collage highlighting the Star Syndicate and its members.

^^Needs Improving^^
Part two was rather boring. It was just Fat Badger traveling through space, and I think we've seen about enough of that in your previous submissions!

omg this movie is so damn sexy

Almost there >_< .... aahhhh! that was amazing. i especialy liked the menu. excellent job Mr.Badger

Happy dailyday 3!

From wegra2

this was a dissapointment

i expected something big when i saw the flashy intro...but really got turned down when i saw the crap that was displayed after that.
Try to concentrate more on the content instead of simply creating flashy intros