Blood - The Flesh game

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Edit: Please submit to some collection!
A short adventure game with Caleb from Blood. As usuall this was an early attempt that I upgrated with a preloader.

-Use mouse to click on screen to proceed
-If you die and press RESTART the game takes you back to a place where you still can solve the current obstacle. This is the final state of this DEMO.

This is only a DEMO. I planned to continue, but after a long time of doing nothing I wanted to start to rebuild from the beginning.
Who knows, someday I might do
something in Blood's theme...
Have fun! I had :)


There's a guide to the game written by fans at the Blood Wiki. If you're lost, you can read it. Thank you guys, thank you, Graham Wilson!

http://blood.wiki-site.co m/index.php/The_Flesh_Gam e
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this games awsome this is a good game but it seems more ninja game then zombie game

Hard but good..

Excellent game.Blood is one of my favorite games.Also could you make a Duke Nukem flash game like this?

Squall85 responds:

Thank you!
Well, I was planning to make a Duke Nukem game and a Shadow Warrior. But I have a lot of other ideas that I also like and I couldn't finish them even if I lived for another 200years. Maybe some day. Check back some time (at least once in a year), I might have a new game.

A little hard

Hard sometimes. Anyway, can you please make more Flash about Blood ?

Squall85 responds:

I'm thinking about making a real platform shooting game when my most important projects are done.


Damn this is the best flash game i played in history! Although im stuck on the part after you get the invisibility and go in the building. I click the table but the zombie kills me! PLZ HELP!!!

Squall85 responds:

Thank you! Sadly the game won't be finished truely. You must click on the zombie on time. After it grabbs your arm you must be quick before it kills you. Good luck!

Very good

Since Blood II: The chosen is my favorite game and the first 3D game I ever played actually, I love it and I love this flash too. The graphic could be a little better though. The music is well chosen. I'm stuck at the point where two zombies attack you. I shoot one of them but the time is not enough to kill the other one.

Squall85 responds:

If you could obtain the bomb, it will appear in you hand. Use it!

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4.13 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2006
10:20 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click