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The Ape Collab 3

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Yo, for the love for the cash I'll blast you in my path!!!
Keep my eyes on the math, you cats don't know the half!
As far as I'm concerned, you cats can burn in flames
This ain't no game!!! I'm-a start callin' names!
So come get me, if you know the one-fifty
A million Refugees ready to bust wit' me!
Bloody, filthy, in this rap shhh---!
You gonna have to kill me, since you can't beat me!!!
Pras! Dirty! Cash! You're the greedy!
Believe me! God'll let me fly, like R. Kelly!
Bite another dust with my man Freddy Mercury!
What height nineties got ya cash, wannabe CRAZY!!!


Oh lawd

The monkey in the thong just cracked me up. But Gonzo really took the cake on this one. Lololololololol

this is the trinity

although nothing can top the ape collabs one and two, this is a great return to glory.

the background of the menu represents the hardships of the streets aka the jungle

gonzo - even gorillas hate apes!!

fivestar - not as epic as the previous ape movies or the glasses part but still wOAH

adam ants - i dont know what CHA'LL BEN TOLD

sevenstar - for some reason oj simpson made me cHORTLE

SevnStar responds:


Yes we all are apes thanks for verifying that.

Nice Flash

We are apes, we suppose to be in the jungle blah blah blah

I get the picture jeez..

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SevnStar responds:


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3.32 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2006
1:05 AM EST