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Dailytoon #299

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Happy Daily Day!

This is the Star Syndicate's annual cat Dailytoon. Last year, Dailytoon #199 was all about cats, and this year is no different. We recieved cat flashes from Television, Mr. Show, dinky dau, rtil, mr. kyle, adam ant, and jeb. Hope you enjoy, and look for Dailytoon #300 coming out later today.


p.s. fuck the Kitty Krew, they're a disgrace to cats everywhere

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It helps that I love cats. It would take too long for me to review all of these separately. Wow, Adam Ant worked really hard. You all did a pretty good job. I guess rtil's was my favorite. I guess Jeb's was the longest.

I mean, it had most of the whole song there. It's hard for me not to like anything with lots of cats. This didn't get frontpaged? It's in two categories! Well, it's still pretty good.

what is this crap?

Dailytoon is..spam?

This was little more than spam. This is more like screwed up crap. Like it took no time to make this. I mean, I'm sure it had to take SOME time, but really looks like no effort put into it. The only thing that I agree with on here is the Kitty Krew hate. But other than that, this was crap.

I agree

..With the person below me

um, wtf

dude, that was to fucked up and i had a freaking seizure watching this shit u should put a freaking goddamn warning sign that says. WARNING: may cause seizures to those who r epileptic. so ya plz fix the background on some of them and ya. i'll give u 8 stars for a good job, but no stars for making me have another moment.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

if you're epileptic you shouldnt be on NG buddy, flashes cause that type of thing very easily

but sorry bout that!