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NG Halloween 2006 | -Trick- | By Dela | Halloween collection link in RIGHT CLICK menu |

Well, this flash is just a little short, of how three little trick or treaters go about getting their candy.

The flash its self, was an experiment for me. I tried using different animation techniques, to much prevail. It took me about a month of on and off work to complete; 100% of which I thoroughly enjoyed :D

Two things I want to point out:

1. The fuzzy effect is on purpose, to make it look like some old TV show.

2. I tried to keep the file size as low as possible, and because of this, used a sound loop from the AUDIO portal.

Please, enjoy the flash as much as I enjoyed making it, and, Have a happy Halloween! <3


loved it

this was great.

thanks for the great entertainment

Dela responds:

Thank you for the praise! ^_^

it was good at the end

i loved the violence!!! yah oh baby yah it was great violence and i want to see the old hag get a brick to her old and wrinkled face again please... oh haha and the bunny had it coming ... what goes around come around... stupid bunny, violence is for kids!!!

Dela responds:

Heh, thanks for reviewing!

Even though you're a friend

... I have to review honestly. You can only learn from your mistakes, then improve.

I liked this flash really much, it's original, and your style is AWESOME. I gave it a 10!
The bad points are, maybe it's too short? I don't get the plot somehow :(. And the music got a bit annoying after a couple of loops. Still, this is a wonderful flash, I hope it gets an award and frontpage.

Good luck!

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Dela responds:

Thanks for the review Jason :3 I'll take it as an 8, as we both know the music could be far improved. Thank you for supporting me! (And showing me stuff :D)


yeah man that was a gd halloween flash i thought it was great especially because its slightly different from all of the other ones, nice work

Dela responds:

Thanks for the review!


That was NICE! I like the chibi-ish drawing style and the animation is smooth 8). It was funny to watch, the music was ok but it got annoying because it looped through the whole flash :(. Awesome flash keep up the good work lol.


Dela responds:

Yeah, sorry about the music :C


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4.05 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2006
3:23 PM EST
Comedy - Original