Dailytoon #298

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Tomorrow is Daily Day, prepare to be astounded by the incredible showing of wonderful flash movies.

This is the final dailytoon put together by me, Starberry. It is about 7 minutes long, I think. Please enjoy it, as I think it is very enjoyable.

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That was pretty good!



That was so win it was undescribable.


i guess it is strange for me to review this since i put it together, but whatever i didn't make the toons.

this was one of my favorite toons to create, i wanted to make the final Best Of season 3 really good. i never thought i would be using this many shorts to create a really long one as i was under the impression that the episodes near the end were tapering off in terms of humor and quality, boy was i wrong.

i didn't make a menu for this one because i was lazy and to create the appearance of one long big movie!!

anyway for the toons themselves

ying yong made some really strange ones, but most notable were his remakes of 1980s television company intros. i don't know why, but these grabbed my attention.

adam ant's tickled my funny bone because of his use of the audio "dan wiseman talking" which is just rexco's Night of Fire audio piece.

cold's ozcar piece is rather simple, but still very funny.

dinky dau has a great abstract style. i don't really know what else to say.

sinista made a truly epic hero movie, with some of the best graphics ever used in a dailytoon.

simma t's music choice made me find this one funny for some reason. i dunno?

now i realize that minute maid premium sent the next one, sorry for crediting him as "spam spam". that's the name that the inbox said :<

another one by ying yong, capturing the glory days of public access.

the next two by adam ant are some of the funniest ones i've ever seen. for some reason, the distorted mambo number 5 is damn hilarious. the station wagon song is a musical masterpiece, and adam ant brings justification of its use with a strong visual interpretation.

taylor bortner is a swell kid, while this one doesn't have much animation like most of his stuff, it still reeks of goodness.

the oompa loopa remix by cold, while not the most graphically sophisticated movies, is one of the longer dailytoons ever used.

another gem by dinky dau; if i wanted to take my (imaginary) lady friend to a theater, a dailytoon would definitely be something i would want to see with her!!

rtil's spoof of afrostud is incredibly well drawn with some crazy comedy style, but more amazing is how he set it up. i wish everyone could see his .fla file because the use of movie clips is impressive to my poor heathen knowledge of flash 8.

of course then there's the GREAT FINISH by myself in which i didn't draw anything. yes i did make that last frame, but i didn't put my name there. the night of fire song (not to be confused with the other version that i kinda made a collab with...) will always be associated with daily2oons to me, and more importantly the star syndicate as a whole.

well i have 695 charactes remaining, but i don't think i need to use them. a late congratulations to everyone for making dailytoon season 3 a lot better than everyone expected. on paper, the movies did not garner as much praise or publicity, but the dedication shown by everyone really impressed me.

i am very proud to have been a part of the series, even if it was near the end. organizing dailytoons was always a goal of mine, because i thought i always had a boatload of free time. however, it wasn't always the case during the school year. i felt really bad every time i missed a deadline, but with help from f00d, mr show and everyone else, the series went on and was able to produce a great daily day.

TheStarSyndicate responds:


i came.

i wish i could leave a proper review, but "words cannot express".

never stop.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

hey you wanna go for a bit of a munchout you know maybe sometime??? :<

A DailyToons extravaganza

Some of the best work out there by some of my favorite SS artists. AND it has Gonzo! Gonzo = instant 10.

My only complaint is that for some reason I couldn't toggle the quality. Which kinda sucked, because some of the parts were REALLY heavy in quality. A menu would've been nice, too. But still, I can't complain over a brilliant piece of art.

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4.39 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2006
2:48 PM EST