Enter The Dragon

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Political movie about current and past affairs happening in the world today. Enjoy and please leave a review.

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well, the audio was pretty cool.... but this animation really needed some touch-ups to it. the graphics were probably the worst of the whole thing... drawings of some sort would've suited this one a lot better as opposed to just random images. it had a decent plot to it, but it was quite random and could've been touched-up as well.
oh well, nice efforts in this one though.


^^Good Points^^
Heh, definitely a funny movie. Reading the comments you created for this made me think it was going to be a serious movie, but seeing Hitler grooving out to some funky music was completely unexpected. Nice job on making a funny little movie.

^^Needs Improving^^
I didn't like the random google images you used, like the kid from Home Alone. Stuff like that just make a movie look bad. You could have did a little better cropping some of the heads too.

Slick responds:

Heh, don't worry dude. This movie was just something stupid I made this morning. I'm glad that batting averages are only rated on your 3 highest rated movies now. It means that you can create funny, stupid submissions like this and be able to keep a high BA. Thanks for the review :)

ha kinda funny

that anamation was realy bad but it was still kinda funny cus hitler was fucking bush but ya

What in hells name was that?!?!

Dude, if u thought that was a good idea to make into a flash movie then go book yourself into a mental hospoital because tha was one of the worst Flashes i have ever seen. and im being nice by saying Worst!

>: O

Dear Person Who Made This Flash,
How is your day going? Mine was going well until I watched this video. Hopefully one day you won't see that truck when you cross the street.

Sincerely, Me.

Slick responds:

Dear me, I didnt see that truck but I saw your mother last night. Ask her, she really enjoyed it. She has such a weird vagina. Reminded me of a wizards sleeve. You never know what's coming out of it next...

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2.08 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2006
10:51 AM EST