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18 & Seru

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This flash movie is a parody of Dragon Ball Z featuring Artificial Human Number 18 (Android 18 in the dub) and Cell/Seru. The first half uses footage from the anime itself. The second half is extremely sexually explicit in nature and should be considered 'hentai' for viewers aged 18 and over.

This features the original Japanese voices and music from the anime 'Dragon Ball Z'

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Thorough work! Intermissions and everything, though the way she keeps her eyes fixated somewhere upwards all the time is a bit odd. Super smoother animation though.


The first time I seen this is when my cousin recommended and showed it to me she was a girl .....still as good as I remember

I am impressed that this is still around a decade later and also. Hot damn! I find it very nostalgic. This has aged pretty damn well considering most 2006 videos, hell most animators even don't age well, and hentai art. Sucks at aging well! So seeing this age well is a treat to hentai fans.

hmmm .

I remember watching this when I was young, like 11 12 or 13 years. I didn't know how to properly masturbate so when I got hard I put my penis between my thighs and squeezed. I came but imitating felt like my body was taken over. My heart bested fast, I was sweaty and I had to run off the computer so I wouldn't get caught. Thank you for creating this gem and introducing me to the world of hentai.