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Halloween Critters

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Author Comments

**Flash Player 8 required**

Every October 31st a strange phenomenon occurs among some few lucky small creatures...

Some Personal Comments:
Yeah, finnaly I finished this flash!! it was more like a personal challenge, since it took only about a month
to complete. And what I am most proud of is that it was done during school climax time and with 19 credits pushing my butt.
Most of the flash is inspired by my personal fears and appreciation for insects, and I kind enjoy drawing them :)
The flash has more than 500 drawings only in fbf animation(w/o taking into account bg and additional shading :O ), and thats what I am really proud of, the time vs quality
equilibrium that I achieved here.

For the flash geek community:
-NO SHAPE TWEEN WAS USED AT ALL, every smooth change that you see is either a
motion tween or fbf.
-I exploited mask layering at its brutal point.
-For the tweened-fbfed centiped, I used a lot of tricks in order to achieve
the perfect animation for it.
-Dont email me asking me how did I do this, I wont share my tricks and secrets :)
create your own!
-Yes I used a tablet! a $40 tablet! really crappy and cheap!

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I lose track of the months these cartoons were released. I just loved this because the animation was amazing! I appreciate how fast paced it is. At first, I was disappointed to find out it didn't have monsters in it. It actually did later! I'm glad it lived up to its name.

I just love how rough everything is. It fits the atmosphere very well. I especially love the vamp frog. The music was nice and appropriate. Wow, they made tablets for $40?

The Vamptoad die fast!

Wow,it's cool.But the vamptoad die fast

Werefly is badass! XD

Really good! I enjoyed every minute of it. Great music and I loved how it matched the actions! :)


That was absolutly excellent. Good music to go with the vido and nice combination of Horrors and Insects and that one Reptile.


speechless, man, speechless