Vinnie Bitten

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Okay, here's the story behind this flash: I have a character called the Art Vampire. He's been running rampant on deviantArt "bitting" everyone I do fanart for. I've also done fanart for Kite-ridE (Vinnie) but I felt that still-life picture didn't do a flash animator justice so the Art Vampire "missed" in those pieces. Now I've done a flash where the Art Vampire is more than capable of finally catching the elusive Vinnie and thusly, the battle ensues.

This thing took me over a year to finish. Yeah, I'm a REALLY slow flash animator. Mostly, I would just lose interest in it for a few months and then have a brief week where I worked on it again and after, lost interest. But I'm glad it's finally done. It's really my ultimate tribute to Vinnie.

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the style and music was very good combo, a shame u lose interest

ok its not bad

not bad but wats the point to it???

cool one

that was an interesting animation you got here. very nice graphics and pretty cool entertainment in this one.

Short but sweet

Good start with background sounds. Smmoooooth animation! It was a nice touch that the man walking was confident and ready to fight, but got bit in the end anyway. This touch kept me guessing. Good job!

TerdBurgler responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Much of the animation was FBF and I was afraid that a lot of it was going to look really rough. It's assuring to hear that's not the case.

That was rather neat

Very fluid animation, and great sounds. I wanted to take off for your name, but the movie made me vote 5. Nice job.

TerdBurgler responds:

Awe, what's wrong with my name? >.<

Hehehe, but really, glad you liked it. Makes me happy to see my stuff is enjoyed.

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3.55 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2006
3:50 PM EDT
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