CC&LL Halloween greetings

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Update: "WOAH!!!" I shouted when I saw that this got to the Halloween 06 collection page. Thanks to all that suggested this to there :)!
Edit: added the NG Halloween preloader

Happy Halloween:)


Nothing special but solid none the less.

I love it how you do a Clock/Lock holiday flash nearly every year and they are usually good & creative,this was a nice Halloween one though i didn't find it really funny but the animation was solid and i loved the piano edition of "Halloween Town" so overall it wasn't anything special really but just a nice little Clock/Lock Halloween flash short.

To that last revew

Not all clocks and locks hate each other. And on the movie... Pretty sweet! Nice one!

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EraserLock responds:

no just no... people want YOu to think that... I think they should suport each other...

But thanks to the review


the clocks and locks hate each other...

EraserLock responds:

Then why do you watch them, vote for them and review for them? IDIOT!

Nice little thing

So you and you bounced off to get candy!

I also made a bit of noise when I saw myself in the collection and hugged SinDragon.
I liked the piano version from NG. refreshing after so many of the orignial version this year. I like to support the Audio Portal too!

I DID have the preloader , but I Didnt have the link cos I dont know how- Please someone tell me how do I put in one of those hyperlink thingies to the collection page?

EraserLock responds:

Thanks :)! I can't remember how I did the hyperlink things... just look at some of those tutorials... The might help you :D!

great job.

I am not a fish. Few people notice that.

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EraserLock responds:

YAY you watched it too! THANK YOU!

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Oct 28, 2006
2:19 PM EDT