Urban Legends 2: The Dead

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In Urban Legends 2, we examine four odd stories involving death.

I realize the filesize is a bit big, but if you dig the first Urban Legends, this will be worth the wait. Also, there's an Easter Egg somewhere in the end of the movie ;)

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Notice something odd in the munchkin scene?

The munchkin itself is not clear, HOWEVER. Look close when it plays and zooms... See something? A dark figure flashes on there very briefly...It's just under the circle when it zooms, shortly after they walk off the scene. This has been seen and discussed before and actually is in the real film. Either this was missed or is what he was referring to.

Btw, great flash, i love urban legends...

And sorry if this was mentioned, didn't read far into reviews.


that heather had to die and she was only 13 :(


Well actually you can die from breathing embalming fluid. Its kinda like breathing clorine (the gas not the stuff you put in pool to keep them cleaner) because it slows your body from decaying and by getting into your lungs you could posibly sufficate and blood cells go into your lungs and cary oxygen so if you got to much of it in your lungs (i.e. having a shirt covered in it all day) would kill you and besides, if she where to even touch food/touch anywhere near her face that would also kill her.

Just to let you know

The whole dieing from enbalming fluid in clothing myth has been aroung for ages, it's also been proven wring, there woulden't be enough, if any fluid on the clothing to kill someone who wears it. Otherwise this is a good movie.

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Oct 12, 2001
6:49 PM EDT
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