Urban Legends 2: The Dead

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In Urban Legends 2, we examine four odd stories involving death.

I realize the filesize is a bit big, but if you dig the first Urban Legends, this will be worth the wait. Also, there's an Easter Egg somewhere in the end of the movie ;)

See JKCinema.com for Real Video and MP3 files of UL extras.


Justin, your the best flash artist ever

I have seen your whole urban legends series, Exept the one about the mummies. You said on your website that CNN forced you to get rid of it. Can you reply to this and tell me the whole story about CNN forcing you to get rid of urban legends series mummies? Can you also post urban legends series mummies back on JKcinema or Newgrounds for a day so I can watch it and see what it was like?

P.S. I saw urban legends series the dead a few months ago and I liked it alot. The reason why i'm rating it is because I have to, lol.

Post your others!

The egg was at the very end on the gravemarker. Click on the death date and watch the typing spell out "spyder" and the red circle reveal the subliminal ad "Sex" And justin you should put out the other UL series flashes!


watch the original "wizard of oz movie" if you have it, it has a much better picture of the munchkin hanging himself
too bad that girl died at thirteen, do you know why?

Not so scary

And the Wizard of Oz is not a suicide or murder, it's just a rope falling on the scene.
And BTW, I found your easter egg, just for that I give it Humor: 6 'cause you made a subliminal message.
I hope to see more of your work

Good, make some more.

Add the one where Babe Ruth was said to have called his shot at the 1932 World Series, a Stanley Cup playoffs were cancelled a year after the Red Sox wins a World Series, Bill Ripken's 1989 baseball card had a curse word on it, and the fact that a Stanley Cup trophy was left in the snow bank.

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Oct 12, 2001
6:49 PM EDT
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