Urban Legends 2: The Dead

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In Urban Legends 2, we examine four odd stories involving death.

I realize the filesize is a bit big, but if you dig the first Urban Legends, this will be worth the wait. Also, there's an Easter Egg somewhere in the end of the movie ;)

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but they're not your urban legends

good, but they're not your legends. you should have a link at the end to each individual legend.


I really like stuff like this, so make some more.

Also, you could have went into more detail with the "Polterguist Deaths"

And the Wizard of Oz "hanging" isn't some one getting hanged. The truth is that a staff member was still in the backround when filming began, so he ran off stage, and they just kept it in the film.

Still, I like this stuff, good theorys and well presented.

(Though that voice got pretty annoying)

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This shit just

kind of bothers me good stuff though definetly a 5

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This is amazing.
I couldnt really see it that clearly but that munchkin story is scarey.
Keep up the good work & make another - dont do the voiceover thing next time thought, make it like the first it gives a spookier atmosphere.

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Another good submission!

My advice is to drop the voice thing, though. I liked the music from the first one better than the voice changer effect.

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4.33 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2001
6:49 PM EDT
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