Random Clay Death

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This is probably one of the most stupid claymations that I have ever made. I just made it to kill time, and for something that only took a half hour of work, I think that It turned out pretty nicely. It's supposed to be stupid so dont tell me again in reviews. Vote however you want and Enjoy!



whenever i see a pile of dead people i want to sit down for no reson 2! this was amusing and it proves a point of mine....when something annoys you...you need to burn/kill it dead 5/5 and 9/10


I love those googly eyes, I had forgotten about this, it was actually pretty good for what it was, lol.

That was random

I hope it passes. Not my favourite claymation but interesting anyway. When it passes I plan to submit it to the clay section. Good luck on futre work. Not as good as you Bambi vs Godvilla, voice acting was a bit shabby.

Homeless responds:

thankyou. I was working on something else and the stupid claymen kept falling over so I just decided to leave them and make them die for no reason. I will redo it later and actually make the story, but I will keep this up.

lol it's swell and all

It was a kind of cool movie, the claymation was swell, and you had ok humor invovled . I'd like to know how you did you do the toothpick flying through the air to kill the clay guy scene? other then that what program did you use to convert sir.

only suggestion is to work on the voice acting

Homeless responds:

Thanks. For the toothpick scene I held it so only the tip could be viewed by the camera and than for the next frame it was rested on one of the dead people, and than it went through the tan clayman. For the final frame of the shot, I held it like I did for the beginning of the shot.

And for programs... I just used flash for everything! I imported and edited the frames in flash and I did sound in flash and I exported it as a flash. If you want to know the program that I used to batch-resize the photos, it was ifran view, which you can download from download . com for free! The sound program for recording was audacity which you can find through a google search. It is very good for editing and recording becuse you can move different parts of the sound wave thingy by highliting and dragging and you can delete sections of sound the same way.

Thanks again sir.


Well you are good at claymation but you know....like you said it was pretty stupid so no argument here.....but uh well i guess thats it. Try to spend a bit more time on the humor eh? :(

Homeless responds:

ok. Thank you for the advice. I actually was planning on making something with a story, but the charactrs kept falling over, so I just made this.
If you want to see some of my clayanimation with a story, check out the 'Girlfriend Series' that I made. You can get to it through my flash submisions, or by going to the clay collection page on NG. My movies are the most recent ones added, so they're at the bottom of the list.

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Oct 27, 2006
10:35 PM EDT
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