DeathMatch 1.0

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Compete for the highest score in this spooky puzzle game from the folks at strout's ink. Use your keyboard to guide puzzle pieces to create combos for bonus points and items. See how far you can get before you die! Your score can be submitted to the top scores on stroutsink dot com!


That was a good game, but the layout was really weird. I didn't even notice that those skulls looked different at first! I guess I'll give you points for that. It was just weird when the kittens appeared. I thought those were bombs or something. The title's pretty strange.

You'd think "Deathmatch" would be a fighting game. At least the music's good. Skulls are pretty cool. It's paced fairly well. Uh, Happy Halloween?

Rather enjoyable.

I rather enjoyed this game, and it was well gfxed... But I'm not exactly sure where you came up with the name, and just how original it was considering how many games there are like it. Good job nonetheless and glad to see you made another game recently.

I like it.

It's a very good game with a nice concept. I like the idea. The graphics are cool also. It's addictive, which is very good; it kept me playing for a while and I played it more than one time! It has some things I didn't like though. First, the music... sorry if you made it dude but it's a bit too annoying and it doesn't fit the game I think, no offense but it really desperates me! Second, the level increasing is too slow for my liking, I think it should go up much more faster. Other than that it's very ok, I like the concept a lot.

Good... good...

Try putting some stuff in like different game modes, different songs (including ability to turn off music) and so on but overall this was a good game... oh yeah make thee lowering of the blocks more smooth it irritated me a bit.... Well done lad

Yer Nice..

Can you like Pm me with ya email please, I really need to ask you a few things! Nice game though!

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3.62 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2006
7:42 PM EDT
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