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If you like this, I've finished 2 and 3 as well. I've heard from a few people some of the fighting animation occasionally lags; if this happens try right clicking on the window and selecting a lower quality. Anyway, enjoy!


Funny no, Epic, possibly.

I'll say that it really wasn't funny, bad puns as new names for street fighter moves were obvious, not just because of the subtitles.

On the other hand, spawn coming straight back to his old home, beating his ex-best friend for marrying his wife, which transferred spawn to fighting a horde of polite business men, then the Fantastic Four AND THEN the Power Rangers, which I might add in that you used the best version of power rangers, the Mighty Morphing era. Anyway, having spawn kick all their asses plus kicking the ass of a megazord makes up for the failed comedy.


lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lame movie.the movie is wow i have no words to explain how much it wasn't funny.

DrFishSticks responds:

oh wow a new review! yeaah, even I think the humour's meh now. whatever, what can you do. old shit, it's all practice :)
but yeah... as for animation, try it yourself lol. it's kinda time-consuming, so your 0 can fuck off.


this was funny the voices could have been better, but after all spawn did pwn everyone

DrFishSticks responds:

spawn pwns in general ;) and yeah, I did all the voices myself, mission finding voice actors.


thats was not funny its gay why would spawn shop like what the hell you know but i guessgood work try better next time

DrFishSticks responds:

'thats was', on the other hand, a very funny review. You've mastered the english language haven't you, intelligenceunrevealed?

LOL! Hi-larious!

really really funny, and with references coming out the proverbial wazoo!
"shin spawnyuken!" lol : D
and streyeder needs to lighten up a little and see that it's just a parody : )

DrFishSticks responds:

:D I lol'd at how he accused me of 'defiling' spawn. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!

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4.15 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2006
5:06 PM EDT
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