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Project Pravus

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Pull down your blinds. Turn off the lights. Close your music.

Your name is Emily Mason. You are a real estate agent sent out to check a house. What started off as a routine investigation, quickly turned into something morbid...

This game is hard. Don't expect to complete it in 5 minutes. Take your time, look around and read the item descriptions. If you are stuck, here are some hints:
* Keys do not show up in your inventory, but work nonetheless.
* Rooms don't stay the same, so if you're stuck it might help to go back to old places.
Still have problems? There is a detailed walkthrough on: www.flashgem.com/pravus.

Happy Halloween from Alexander Asvegren and Patricia Knudsen!


very fast loading


Really High Hopes

When I saw the screen shot for this game, it looked interesting, therefore making me play it. The photography and sepia tones are inviting. Sadly, I was left feeling incomplete. I've seen through your replies to others' comments that you've learned from this game and will take them into account next time but I'd like to give constructive comments myself if that's okay.

The fact that rooms can change upon a 2nd visit is a nice twist and makes the ol' "Read The Instructions" more important than ever. The part that let me down was the fact that there were places where the hand turned to a cursor that never materialized into later places to be used. Perhaps that and more rooms to associate with would have made for a better game. Sadly, it was short and left you wanting more out of it.

The game did show lots of work was put into it and I commend you for that. I feel you definitely have the makings of one of the better possible Escape The Room game-makers. I wish I had half of the programming and design knowledge that you have proven you have. Keep up the good work and would love to see any other games you've created since.

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Im scared))


a nice,scary game

very nice game

its nice,a little scary but very cool just pravus is in latin and meens evil,
All forms of 'evil' word:malum, pravus, malus, malus peior pessimus, nocens, maleficus.

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2006
2:05 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click