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Mad Vlad!

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Fixed an error with the saving system. Your level and secrets should be stored now (hopefully).

WARNING: Will lag heavily on slower computers. Use the quality control in the bottom corner. If that doesn't work, either live with it or get a better computer.

For the AG Halloween contest. Sorry about the poo menu; it was rushed for a deadline. Sorry about the large file size; it's as optimised as it's gonna get.

Movement - Left or A; Right or D
Jump - Up or W
Attack - Down, Space or S

Collect coins in each level. 250 coins will give you an extra life. Hearts boost health. In some levels you'll need to morph into your demonic form to get through - collect three tokens to activate the gate, then walk through it to transform.

Plenty of secrets available if you collect the right number of coins or get through levels fast enough.

Please report any bugs.


A little on the slow side...

If this game had the pace quickened a little, it would be absolutely awesome. The problem being that Vlad isn't the quickest guy in town. (I have a dead grandfather who moves quicker) and that is what really lets the games down.

The graphics are cartoony and they look pretty good. The sound gets a little annoying after a while, in the way any arcade game should, but it's not so annoying that you refuse to ever play again.

It is clear that you've thought this game through. Are you planning on a sequel (or another version of this) or are you making this just a one-off?

Paranoia responds:

The speed is due to the lag. It's supposed to run at like three or four times the speed it does, and probably will in the year 2070 when we all have supercomputers...

As for a sequel, I'm not planning anything directly following on from this, but I will probably do some more stuff with similar gameplay / graphics.

(And less lag).

Not bad!

Thanks for the submission.

I liked the music minus the drum sound. It was to repetitive. Kind of annoyed me while I was playing the game. After about five minutes I quit playing the game because the drum sound was just way too annoying.

I enjoyed my time playing the game. I will try and come back and play it again.

Paranoia responds:

lol, I kinda like the sound... Never noticed any particularly annoying repetativeness.

((VOTED 5))

Wow thsi game was totally pimped out. The music was so awsome and I loved the aniamtion. Great gameplay and average graphics. Cool enemies and the style of fighting was nice. Good physics and jsut plain fun to play. Great halloween theme too.



Paranoia responds:

Your review goes on the poster :)

I liked it

Was a pretty damn good, enjoyable and although a type of game that has been done before, was still fun to play. Although I like to think I have a pretty decent computer, still lagged a bit, but anywho, awesome game

Paranoia responds:

Cheers :) And I appreciate the lag problem only too well.

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