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Author Comments

UPDATE: Fixed an error with the saving system. Your level and secrets should be stored now (hopefully).

WARNING: Will lag heavily on slower computers. Use the quality control in the bottom corner. If that doesn't work, either live with it or get a better computer.

For the AG Halloween contest. Sorry about the poo menu; it was rushed for a deadline. Sorry about the large file size; it's as optimised as it's gonna get.

Movement - Left or A; Right or D
Jump - Up or W
Attack - Down, Space or S

Collect coins in each level. 250 coins will give you an extra life. Hearts boost health. In some levels you'll need to morph into your demonic form to get through - collect three tokens to activate the gate, then walk through it to transform.

Plenty of secrets available if you collect the right number of coins or get through levels fast enough.

Please report any bugs.



ummmm dude this game was cool but the thing i couldnt get past were the drawings its a cool game but its kinda weird playn a game with a big i think rectangle guy somthing that woulda made this cooler is if u made it a stick guy stick games r awsome cuz its e-zier 2 c like i get better aim on stick games then on other 1s so ya anyway good flash

Paranoia responds:

If it's a good Flash, then why the fuck did you give it a zero?

Nice game!

Nice game you've got going on here. I was pretty impressed with it, and had some fun along the way.

Graphics, art, and animation were very well done, and the overall atmosphere of the game was pleasent.

Music was decent enough, I guess, and the sound effects got the job done.

My only complaint is that it ran a bit slowly, even on Low Quality graphics, and I've got a decent computer, so I'm pretty sure it was just the game. Also, the jumping was too slow for my taste, but it wasn't a big deal.

Good game -

Paranoia responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Somewhat refreshing.

I liked this gmae a lot, but it did disappoint me some. I liked the animations (except the falling one was kinda odd) and the feel. I didn't like that it just lacked the feeling of advancement, like feeling like you're doing something. The gems made me hope for some sort of upgrade system, but it was just a % completion type. Oh, well. The game is actually really easy if you have the patience, so I guess that is what also agve me that feeling. Overall, I liked it, but it could have been better.

Paranoia responds:

It's not as good as I'd have liked, but meh.

And what's with everyone expecting some form of upgrade system? It's a p-l-a-t-f-o-r-m-e-r. There are plenty of them which exist fine without having fancy upgrades and crap.

Has Potential But Lacks A Lot...

Interesting side scroller game with an oddly addicting collection element to it. But your attacks are very limited. What are these gems for? Can I buy things? New powers? Equipment and weapons? The enemies are pretty mindless and yet those unmoving birds are the hardest to kill. Puzzle elements too perhaps? It has interesting potential but there is nothing here that sets it above the rest.

Paranoia responds:

The gems are for getting extra lives, secrets, and just giving you a warm feeling inside.

As for powers and enemies, it's not some sort of power buying game. It's a simple platformer. You complete it with timing, reactions and fast thinking. You move left, right, jump and attack. Sorry if the lack of things to buy doesn't meet your approval, but it isn't that type of game. If there were powers and things, then it would be a different type of game.

Thanks for your critique, but I wish people would fucking stop seeing less of games because they lack elements which are clearly beyond their genre.


it was alright you just need to tweak some bits here and there and it lags horrible on my laptop >.< which is pretty fast but also the controls could use some work a little faster responses would be alot more helpful especially a longer reach with the dagger would help out alot. Thanks


Paranoia responds:


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