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Mad Vlad!

rated 3.78 / 5 stars
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Oct 26, 2006 | 1:51 PM EDT

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Fixed an error with the saving system. Your level and secrets should be stored now (hopefully).

WARNING: Will lag heavily on slower computers. Use the quality control in the bottom corner. If that doesn't work, either live with it or get a better computer.

For the AG Halloween contest. Sorry about the poo menu; it was rushed for a deadline. Sorry about the large file size; it's as optimised as it's gonna get.

Movement - Left or A; Right or D
Jump - Up or W
Attack - Down, Space or S

Collect coins in each level. 250 coins will give you an extra life. Hearts boost health. In some levels you'll need to morph into your demonic form to get through - collect three tokens to activate the gate, then walk through it to transform.

Plenty of secrets available if you collect the right number of coins or get through levels fast enough.

Please report any bugs.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it ok

well um that was ok.

Graphic:The graphic very good on high but it make the game lag

Style: The idea and all is nice. I always like when level have name but you could have put world like grass for the fisrt one.

Sound: music is anoying and we cant put it off. Next time make something music on/off

Violence: not a lot but it ok

Interactivity: maybe more item of some special attack would be good

Humor: None

Overall: Make other game with this style cause it good but there is still some point you need to work on.

Paranoia responds:

Thanks for the feedback.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It was ok.. but i found a glitch

Ohh.. good game but some problems.. Ok, I found a glitch..

Now, I have a mac G4, just so you know.. sometimes there is problems concerning the platform the game is played on..

So, I was in Level 1... and i found the third dragon tolkien or whatever those where.. (The one under the brige).. now, I had three so they started glowing.. so I decided to click on them.. a menu appeared and i couldn't really see the buttons.. so i clicked what seemed like the second one.. it took me to the level selection.. i cursed a little.. then went into the first level again.. This time, the brige was embedded into the screen.. like anywhere i went it followed.. i still had the same score too and all the items went back to their rightful place.. so if those dragon tolkiens provide a special attack if u find a certain number.. ive just found a way to get an endless supply of them.. anyways.. change the music.. lol

Good game overall..

Paranoia responds:

The dragon thingies just activate the gate so you can morph into the from you need to get past the big hedgey thingy.

As for the bug you described, it sounds like you've found a way to skip forward without properly removing all clips above the default depth. Sorry about that.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This has potentail

It wasnt a bad game over all but I see a few flaws one your charecters attack is way to limited in range and hard to discern where its aimed at so for example. When I fought the first boss I couldnt even hurt him. Secondly the music man. Simply put it was horrible. A side apart from that that its seems to be a pretty straight foward side scrolling platformer. You refine it some this could be a real great game.

Paranoia responds:

You couldn't hurt the first boss because you're not supposed to attack him while he's walking.

I appreciate problems with the hittesting, but really the only ones I found were the crows which, I admit, had crappy collision detections, and the guys who were suppoesed to be invulnerable anyway.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game.

This game was awesome, but I just couldn't figure out how to beat that first boss guy :(

Paranoia responds:

You just need to tire him out and attack when he's dazed.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like it!

Wow, this is pretty good! I think I'll start out with some good points, and then some constructive criticisim. The jem collecting objective was good, and I liked the disgruntled fat farmer. The humer was subdued and yet noticibly well thought out. I don't know what that means. Any way, I thought it was good. Now, for the constructive criticism. The jumping should have been a little tighter, and the collision detection could have used some work, but what am I saying... I mean typing...? I couldn't do half as good, and these are minor problems, so I Comend you on a job well done!

Paranoia responds:

Thanks! Appreciate it :)