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An animation I made for my Media Production class for my 1st year of Uni.


Good, and a nice dream

I Must give you a compliment for the background.
They looked very nice, and the shadows are also good done for the backgrounds.
The characters looked good, but not perfect.
The angel and the two men that were working looked more like stickfigures. Maybe you can let them more look like the dreamer next time.
Hmm, this was again a new kind of style i saw.
The dreamer looked unique in your own drawing style.
You have only used music for your movie, and it was good music you used that gave a peaceful effect to the movie.
There was no violence.
You have only made a preloader so i can´t give you much for interactivity.
Can´t also give you much points for humor.
I think you can better try to improve your animations skills.
When the angel and the dreamer moved they changed in a kind of white force effect and were later at the place where they wanted to be.
If this was to give them speed then you have done it good, but you could give it force lines too.
Else you can better draw them like they are running then next time.

Quite soothing

Very nice amd relaxing to watch. My only complain is, if there is a stor yto this, I didn't see it.

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That was perfect.

That the most enjoyable flash I've seen in a while. Thanks for submitting it. The music added so much to the atmosphere of it, and the animation was very drifting and dreamlike. Good job!

What a dream

I like the new age music u used. Who's the music artist?
I like the way u drew the sun. A dream of being and to fly yet close to falling can something very beautiful. I've experienced it before.

KuuBA responds:

The song is by a pianist named Roberto Santucci, and the song is called "the end". I'm glad you liked it.

I Don't Know what to say

Well, it was a good animation, just, it wasnt the type of thing I would like.

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3.22 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2006
8:20 AM EDT
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