Introducing The Emo's 3

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The 3rd part of the Emo series just in time for Halloween! Enjoy this Newgrounds edition of Introducing the Emo's 3. Tag along when Martin and Phillip go trick or treating and dont forget to watch after the credits for another Emo Hate mail response!


Alright, glad I got through the credits this time! Anyway, this was an improvement. I especially like the Oompa Loompas. We need more of those guys, am I right? I liked the fat joke. I think the length was better. The animation still hasn't improved.

The voices weren't bad. It just wasn't that interesting. That guy can't stop committing suicide. I just now noticed his shirt. Yeah, that ambiguous gender thing was intentional.

damn Fuck I thought the emo fad died when twilight

come out fuck for the last emo's no one give a fuck about what you do because you all the same if emo where real they would have a say in society they own tv channel main stream movies about the growing emo trend or wait no one gives a fuck about that if emo's want to stop getting made fun of than contribute to society win a war be good at sports get a real job that isn't are related I mean my town was cool until the emo trend came but now It has die down.... now all the emo stay in one spot ps. I just fill like being a dick right now I really don't give a fuck do what you do thank you for reading this and fight the power long live Stalin Cat

read it

like really it better then all that other offensive stuff about emo
and like why do people hate EMOZ so much lik wat did we eva do
2 dah world.
We neva hurt anybody we just hurt ourselves we express our


really man? really? your gonna bash emos, huh.Emo chicks are THE hottest chicks on the planet. and ya know the really really funny part about it? Emos get SOO much pussy. lolz.But good job makeing this trash.I hope the next time you deside to put people down and vids dont look like shit.

woww wierd but okay

damn hes a gay prick

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Oct 25, 2006
10:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Original