Demonic Touch and Go!

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Survive as long as you can in this "Yoshi: Touch and Go" style game for the chance to WIN A PRIZE on Halloween night!
Infinite randomly generated level means it lasts as long as you can! Reccommended Specs: 2.0ghz cpu with Flash Player 8


I can't really choose good or bad...

Graphics- 5 They were pretty simple, but still descent.

Style- 10 Very good and still becoming more popular, but I like what you added to it, the shooting on top screen.

Sound- 4 It was ok, but it got really annoying and repetitive.

Interactivity- 10 You can make your own level practically and you can shoot!

Humor- N/A

Overall- 5 I have to say I didn't really like the game overall. It is mainly because of how slow the levels go, other than that it was a good game. I found a bug tho, it's what caused me to die! Anyways I shotdown the helicopter than a guy came out of the shy (not helicopter) which he could not die...An I,m not trying to brag, but I can EASILY be #1 scorer, just I don't know if it's worth to play it all over again, beacause it's really slow. Please if you make another "endurance" game like this please make it a little faster.

Great and addictive!

I love this game, i got hooked... Graphics are simple, but decent, sounds...the music got stuck in my head...Style...Great idea, more of this! 5`d!


Well the idea has been done so not original.Grapics could be better, very simplistic gameplay.On the odd ocasion (once because i was bored) that the men with guns managed to land on a building there was nothing i could do to stop them.
Also the game ran slower than a deads snail.
Needs a lot of work and i mean a lot.Maybe next time think of an orignial idea unless its really good.

good game

i enjoyed it, could be better though

Awesome Game!

This game is amazing, very fun and very addictive! Great game!

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3.83 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2006
7:30 PM EDT
Skill - Other