Demonic Touch and Go!

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Survive as long as you can in this "Yoshi: Touch and Go" style game for the chance to WIN A PRIZE on Halloween night!
Infinite randomly generated level means it lasts as long as you can! Reccommended Specs: 2.0ghz cpu with Flash Player 8


An average game.

The prize idea is cool, I dont know how your gonna catch the cheaters though. I didnt like the DS thing, it would of been better without it. And you should alos consinder making the next a bit faster, and maybe a little hard.


Well... the game was kinda slow and as soon as the guys with the guns lands on the ground there able to shoot you Whitch they did i mean right when they hit the ground and you can't keep em from you like you can with the bombs. The styles was prety cool and the name was good. Mabey your next one will be a bit faster and a litlle more fun to play.

Bugged but neat idea

The game was a neat idea, I liked the stylus type control.

The problems with it were:

1) You could just draw a line across the top screen and have her walk all the way like that never touching the roofs.

2) Twice she disappeared from the screen, once with no reason, once she just shot straight into the air and never came down. The game kept going for give minutes and the meter counter kept moving up.

Besides from those two exploits / bugs...

The sound was poor and repetitive and there was no real humour, although I liked the little guys being sucked away.

possibly the best game on NG?



i always tried to stop the guy in the so i could shoot the helicopters and then the black power had a minute to go away then i got caught in a helicopter expolsian and i went sky hi and naever came down but still ok game

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3.83 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2006
7:30 PM EDT
Skill - Other