Demonic Touch and Go!

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Survive as long as you can in this "Yoshi: Touch and Go" style game for the chance to WIN A PRIZE on Halloween night!
Infinite randomly generated level means it lasts as long as you can! Reccommended Specs: 2.0ghz cpu with Flash Player 8


Scribbly Stuff!

Really enjoyed it, and I'm sure a lot of effort went into this one!

Just one thing, if you could make the e-mails not visible on the high score list....

The-EXP responds:

sadly its the only way i could think of, since the scoreboard is controlled by armor bot, of me being able to contact the winners..sorry after the competition i'm going to clear the board and change the swf so it doesnt request email addresses, so even if it is display publically, it will only be for a few days...

Nice stuff

I have to admit that must have taken ages to do :P
Good idea boosting playing by bribery by price 8)
It's hit the front page now so won't be long before the real gamers sit for days to get there, I'm a bit crap my self and died at 325 :( Made the high score temporarily though ;D
Nicely done though, I like how you have to focus on those damned choppers as well as the path, I nearly fell cause of that, saved by frantic scribbling though :)
Good job! :D

Extremely well done

dayyyum, a lot of action script must of went into this, it looks amazing, The contest is a good idea, if this goes on the front page i'll have no chance sir :'(

The-EXP responds:

well youcurrently have the top two posistion, you must be very good/lucky to get that far :p


amazing game!!! you have got to tell me how you got the pen to leave the trails!! PLEASE this would be perfect for an idea i have!

The-EXP responds:

like i said, demonic powers of reipping space and time with your mouse...that and duplicating a movieclip within another movieclip and sticking a shapeflag on it :p

cool stuff!

i liked this game, quite a bit actually. i played something recently that was somewhat familiar, using the mouse to make a trail for someone to walk on, or something like that. but this incorporated the "top screen" which i thought was pretty cool. what did i not like about it? well, it was kinda slow-moving for my taste. also, the helicopters seemed to not have any relevance and were way too easy to kill. i got bored around 275m but i still say great job!

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3.83 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2006
7:30 PM EDT
Skill - Other