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50 Cent: ATII80D 21

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ATTN! This is a adolf hitler atwi80d tribute

50 Cent Around the Internet in 80 Days

On day 21, 50 finds himself on mtv.com to the sound of his favourite band, HIM.


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Well this was interesting, the scrolling of the news page was funny seeing the differrent happenings around the entertainment world heh, anyways this was ok.

I thought it was fine.

Funny entertanment for this one.


21 is enough.

I thought it was fine when this series first came out but now I think making 80 of these is a bit much. First of all, it's totally copying the Hitler flashes except this is 50 cent and he's going around the internet. The only good things of this flash is the idea of it and the music, other then that this is just boring. You should have the internet page go by faster and show more then the front page of eatch website. I'm sorry about this but I just don't think there should be anymore of these.


I hate 50 cent. thank you for not playing 50 cnet music. The idea isn't great, it wasn't fun to watch.


50 Cent like HIM?! :O Surprise Surprise..

Nice work

You dumbasses

How the fuck could you use 50 cent with "rock" ( worse, it's bad rock ) in the background?

idiots. ATWI80D is easy as shit to make.