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Well, I got board one day, and I wanted to make a little drawing thing, SO I DID!

Some nifty info is right there in the loading screen, but I'll put it here too:
To save custom color swatches:
Find the color by clicking / draging around the color gradient, hold shift, and click one of the custom swatches [start out with nothing inside thme].

The padlocks lock the drop-down menu. The one on the left locks it from going back up, and the right one stops it from going back down.

Hotkeys for the tools are listed in ().

For everyone that wants to suggest I make it with bitmapData insted, I inteded too, but I need a better understanding before I actually do.

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I've been trying to put color and brush sizes in mine didn't work well at all but you did better than just brush sizes and colors 10/10 5/5


I don't know how to make flash, so I can't comment on your action scripting skill, but this was exactly what I expected. Kept me occupied for a few minutes while I was trying to draw an anime face, but then I got mad because the touch pad on my laptop is dumb. But that's not the game's fault, it's Sony's. Also, I prefer cake to pie.

That was well good

it has a nice look and its simple whats more to like

ssjskipp responds:

Thanks :D

I really enjoyed it

maybe the lock and unlock icons could be bigger and more cursers and maybe like these stampers like heart icons so when you press them a perfect heart come out! Really enjoyable I would say even better than paint! (or pie)...
Cya Around!!

ssjskipp responds:

Heh, I just threw thoes in after almost everything was said and done, so I tried to make 'em fit. Thanks for the review, and foryour refrence THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN PIE!!!




ssjskipp responds: