The Necromancer

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After about 2 weeks of working on this (all while I'm taking/ studying for midterms) I decided to make this flash. Everything is by me, except music in the very beginning from Kirizzle, the original Pico design, and the Newgrounds Background in some parts of my movie. I used Flash MX 2004, and only used Adobe Audition to lower my pitch for my necromancer a VERY little bit. Any way, I hope you enjoy my movie, and I will try to reply to your comments. I have work a lot, and I still have one more midterm... lol

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Worth watching the whole thing

I have to say this was pretty cool. Definatly worth watching it til the end. It had some really funny moments but it could have been much funnier but I love the shooting scenes.
A quick note- I agree with the guy below me, there is no point in quoting the flashes we see, lets leave that to the people on YouTube--(not advertising)
Im not giving away any jokes from this but its wirth watching, your a pretty talented flash artist, and I like your work.
Good job!! Keep up the good work.

Pretty good.

I liked it. And guess what? I'm not going to expose any of the jokes by mindlessly qouting them. I'm looking at you, DarkDays13. And all the other douchebags who ruin plotlines with uneeded references as if I didn't just SEE THE DAMN FLASH.


Well I would have given you 9½ if it was possible, because it came really close to being perfect.
It had some very funny moments, and the "get your ass over here" joke cracked me up.
And your ability to make the audience feel sorry for both the zombie, and the necromancer is cool.
BUT! I think I would have given the last star to you, if you had thought of another ending, instead of just shooting everyone.


that last Q was stupid 4 any 1 on newgrounds but there r crazy ppl who dont know about this awsm place

roloforofl maololrofl

Awesome ending xD
Anyways.. what's an old man doing outside, on halloween ? -planing on how to get candies from children? xD wtf
it's supossed to be the "easiest thing" Ooh that makes the story even funnier lol

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3.99 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2006
4:20 PM EDT
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