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Monster munchies

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Happy halloween!
Monster munchies are out to steal candy! Stop the enemy taking your candy and try to take the computers candy. Release different monsters to defeat different monsters in order to win. Submit your scores and enjoy :D
Read the instructions before playing
fuzz & neashir



It was a bit slow, pretty hard, hard to get the hang of but it was still fun. Awesome graphics. Good job!

1. Graphics were awesome!
2. Game was fun to play.

1. A bit slow at times.

((( ShortMonkey )))

fuzz responds:

Thanks for you comments, im glad you liked the graphics and the gameplay. As for it being too slow at times, i guess thats what happens sometimes when you have a random generating code.

oooh very goood mattt

i like play that game and wow great grafis great sound an great game you most do other game happy haloowen o secuel yeaaah

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I liked this game.

This was a really fun game and I liked the idea of it. The animation was good, I thought the rolling pumpkins looked the best. The style of this flash was great, although this did remind me of that mini game in Mario Party 4 but I'm glad that there is a game like that now on the internet! The music was good but there should have been an option for the lyrics or not, I love that song! It was pretty interactive but I found it to be pretty easy. Nice job making this flash, keep it up!

fuzz responds:

Thanks for your review, the pumpkins were going to get deleted at one point, so glad you liked it!

Ive seen stuff like it before.

But this was more well done. Graphics were awsome, especially the rolling pumpkin! So really good exept seen one or two things like it.


it's like one of my games, the -TANKS- one...
but you've got a halloween themed cartoon one.
i used more a more tech style

i also have a bit more variety...with different maps and obstacles.
it got a score of 3.5...maybe getting it sponsored would've helped.
too late, i didn't know about sponsorships anyways.

ok, about thIS game...there should be more variety. I like the idea with the candy though.

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3.78 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2006
1:46 PM EDT
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