Monster munchies

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Happy halloween!
Monster munchies are out to steal candy! Stop the enemy taking your candy and try to take the computers candy. Release different monsters to defeat different monsters in order to win. Submit your scores and enjoy :D
Read the instructions before playing
fuzz & neashir

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Gr8 game

Nice game...although i've seen this game be4..but with different characters! But great work! keep up this good work!

Great game, Fuzz

That was a nice. It was a good strategy game, like something I've never played before. The graphics and animation were good and the gameplay ruled.

find the choices

++ Great splash screen.

++ Good instructions.

+++ Some tactics required.

!!!- Why have music starting straight away?

-- The tactics are fairly simple - after a couple of games, it should always be obvious what the optimum move is.

--- Due to random selections, we can sometimes do nothing to stop an enemy for a while, if they keep getting pumpkins (for example) whilst we get sludge.

- scoring never explained.

-- Having to keep pumping the space bar when I'd decided my move irritated me.

Played easy, easy, hard, medium, winning all but my first game.

At first I thought we needed to deal with each row seperately, so that confused. Maybe explain that?

I'd like to see this idea - of having RPS synonyms progress through a row of others - expanded and further experimented with.

Maybe have an endless mode where just getting creatures to the end gives points? or maybe some sort of puzzle mode with limited 'pieces' to clear a bunch of rows that are all already advancing, ultra-slowly?

Maybe you give us pieces that are connected - e.g. sludge, with a bat below. We place this in 2 fields simultaneously. Or maybe we could rotate them too?

Or maybe - limited number of pieces, no rotation, but they're all already on the board to see and we drag them onto the play area in the position/order we think is right.

Multiple levels.

That would be a game I'd love to see made!

Maybe with an endless mode involving pieces appearing in the stock every 5s, we place them whenever, we need to get as many of ours as we can to the end, survive as long as we can, without x getting over to our side?

But yeah, as it is, it's fun but way too limited. Just as we learn the rules, we find the choices we make practically made for us.

What the fuzz?

Name change i see, had me confused there :O.
Lol, anyway, great submision, nice music, art, and programming :). A great game all round, i'll add it to my favs. Good Job :D.


fuzz responds:

Thanks for the review and the +fav! We spent a while making this so im glad you enjoyed :)

great job!

I love the graphics in here, fuzz. And the idea is brilliant aswell. The game kept me entertained for a few good minutes, before i realized it was too hard for me to even get into the highscore board. :P Oh, anyway, good luck on the AG contest. And keep making awesome games you two!

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2006
1:46 PM EDT
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