3 in One Checkers

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Checkers with three different modes. The first one is just Standard wich is just normal checkers. The second one is Extreme where you dont take turns moving. You just move as fast as you can trying to take all the computers pieces or blocking all its moves. The last one is Giveaway where your goal is to force the computer to take all your pieces to win. Have fun!

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Extreme Mode: GREATEST checkers Ever! Winning in 2 moves after 34 now on lvl 42 :D Let the opponent corner themselves draw games and a few losses here and there. Levels 1-20 were cake walks, easy wins. 20-31 were truly challenging as strategy kinda lost paced with an opponent that prevented double jumps since it was moving as quickly as me! 32 up, move a piece 2 pies to right so it is last moveable piece on board, quickly getting to point where ai is to fast and ends up drawing or creating a loss for me.
You have a great code here BTW.
Normal is as expected its checkers, Giveaway is a twist I found interesting, though I prefer taking all the pieces instead, it was an amazing idea.
2017--- may have stumpled on this late, wish I had seen when it was new in portal. GOOD GAME!

Son of a BITCH! Extreme level 25 is hell itself. Shit just got REAL there! I wonder if that (or 26) is the last one. Because it seems to me that time time step between computer moves as the level went to 25 did not decrease geometrically, it's like it went from 1 second to 2/3 second to 1/3 second and so what would be next, 0 second? Would it simply complete every move possible until it decides it has no beneficial moves, all instantly, at level 26? I don't know. Because I can't frigging beat level 25! I'm almost inclined to wonder if there's a trick to provoking it into a position where it doesn't matter how fast it moves, it simply can't do anything and you can take your time taking its pieces. That's kind of halfway how I beat level 24. Levels before that I could move several times before it moved once so any strategy was not even an issue. Level 24, with this touchpad, the computer could move faster than I could, but I still won on the first try like all the others, though it wasn't quite so easy, I did it by getting one single king and coaxing it into positions where it was too scared to move any more and I could pick off the remaining ones with impunity. But level 25, I just had no control, it would move in on me so damn fast and I try to force it to do a jump which I then jump back but it would jump and move again before I could take the thing back.

Bar none the only reasonable checkers game on newgrounds. Mind you, I played it 4 times and it gave me no challenge on the highest level, and it REALLY isn't programmed with a satisfactory challenge on suicide ("giveaway" as you call it. I remember once I asked someone if they wanted to play suicide in a chess club and he said "sure, you first", ha ha), the thing there is, it's WAY better to have 2 pieces against 1. The AI simply tries to lose pieces at every opportunity, but it's not who loses the most pieces right away, it's who loses the last piece (or runs out of moves, but that never happens) who wins. And if you have more pieces, you have more power, even if what you use the power to do is to lose pieces. So with 2 pieces against 1, I can set it up so that I lose them both yet the one piece can't approach me. The game unfortunately is not programmed with this in mind, it simply forces you to take a piece whenever it can.

dylanoeo, you obviously don't know how to play checkers, don't complain about it playing by the rules, you dimwit. You might just as well complain when playing a chess program that it forces you to protect your king when you're in check, or that your pawns can't turn into kings when promoted at the last rank, or that they can't move backwards or diagonally when not taking a piece, or that they can't take pieces directly in front of them and not diagonal. Sigh, you left that comment around the time no time to explain first came out. No avail there.

Well, as someone who is not much into checkers, at all, really, I didn't really enjoy this. It didn't seem like this had anything to offer out of the ordinary. Why are there no games that show off Chinese checkers? Now that's a game I know how to play! There wasn't much in terms of sounds.

I imagine that people who are more into checkers should like this. At least I learned how to jump. There are two pieces being selected that I can't use diagonally. I assume that's the only way you can move. I don't know what the 3 in one means.


the game wont let me move the pieces the way i want to, it forces you to take the opponents piece instead of letting you move where you want to.

Best Game ever?

If only Turkish Checkers were included I would give 20!

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4.27 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2006
12:39 PM EDT
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