BLOBS v 1.1

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Edit: Fixed a few things(not like you would notice..)

Wow, id didn't got Blammed, cool. I'll be workin on the buggs now, so it will soon be better.

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Rock On!!!

brilliant animation, you show of great skill with this animation, great job ^^

Akitta responds:

I can't take all the credit....blah blah blah

Minimalist but effective

You need more self-confidence. This flash has decent animation, enough to convey movement and emotion. Just make your next flashes meet the same quality or better than this one and you'll do fine.

btw, does every fight sequence need heavy metal? I'm sick of heavy metal. Why not some punk rock or orchestral music? I got burned out on metal...

Akitta responds:

I'll remember that, thanks for the idea!

I see effort

This is very good, i dont see what this movie is going to be blammed.

Akitta responds:

You see effort, and I see new stuff coming in v 1.2. Belive me, if you enjoyed this at least just a LITLE bit, you'll love the next one.

omfg this was amazing

a lot.. i mean a lot of effort was put into this flash. i dont think anyone with half a brain would blam this. i voted 4 because i thought if you added a warp bar where you didnt have to look for things, that would be cool. also maybe add a seen creater as a bonus if you do something, i dunno. but yea. i voted 0 for sound because my speakers are broken. other than that though i realy hope the gets passed and if so, make more for the love of god!!!!! w00t long live 73h b10bz0rz

Akitta responds:

uh...thanks, if you like heavy metal and stuff, you MUST FIX YOUR SPEAKERS. And thanks for the seen creator idea, I'll be adding you to the buddies for that!


Sorry, this submission has failed to keep me occupied for more than 30 sec.

Could you explain what's the concept behind this?

Akitta responds:

Sure, I just wanted to see what would others say for the basic of my litle project, I'll be adding some new stuff, and funnier things, so hang in there.

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2006
12:17 PM EDT
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