BF'S Collab Of SH!T

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Give it a negative comment and i swear you don't won't to know.(audio fixed)


shove off!

leave him alone, though it wasn't flash, it was still funny! He is NOT dumb, he is one of the smartest people I know. You shouldn't put anyone down or say things like 'you're so dumb', especially on a WEB SITE because you most likely don't even know who he is! He's one of my best friends, and I've known him my whole life! It's safe to say that he has one of the most brilliant minds that I know, and not alot of people even care to think about it. I thought it was great :).

bluefiery responds:

Wow you spell way better then me!


seriously what was that? its not even flash? your so dumb...

bluefiery responds:

this is fore all of the reviews im constantly board and all i like to do is edit videos so if any of you nead an editer to put all your audio on your flash and all that then give me somthing to edit PLZ

Had some funny clips...

But none it was yours. It was a bunch of movies from youtube and other such sites, like Macrodia said, that was embedded in a .swf file. This is a flash site, not youtube.


This is funny but your probably better off putting this on Youtube or some other Video Dump. Newgrounds is for animations not Flv's embedded in .swf's.

I don't know why this is in a flash portal...

Well, it would be acceptable if you did this in a flash format... But this is simply a VIDEO!

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Oct 23, 2006
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