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*Edit* i fixed the lack of credits and replay button sorry everyone >.<

First off I have to say sorry Newgrounds for yet another Sprite flash to be submitted, but this was a story in my head that I juss kinda wanted to put into something.(That and I'm not very good at drawing... at all) This is if in the magaman X series zero did managed to be controled by Sigma, first part. Sorry about Audio Quality if you can manange to help me with thatin the reviews I would be greatful. Voice acting will come as soon as I can get everyone of my friends here to do it -_-


My pants are just a bunch of guns sewed together!

Awesome stuff bro! You should totally make a sequal since I no you totally have nothing else going on in your life like a job or serious relationship or tons of other creative projects in mind. **WIIIIIIIIIIIIINNK!******

BodiesOfStanley responds:

you know it ya asshole! :)


It's good, just continue it. I didn't get the end. Oh well.

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Well done for a sprite flash...

I am a huge megaman fan and I love seeing more of the series on Newgrounds... but I have this thing with Sprite animations. Sprites make me feel the artist was too lasy to take it to the next level. I am also a fan of Paragon X... although I haven't really paid much attention to 'em in a long time, I might of even mispelled the name... I appologize. The music brought a smile to my face. Also no voice acting? Even some of the crummiest flashes have voice acting having to read text draws the eyes away from the movie and lessens the immersion. I guess I feel the same way with reading text as I do with sprite animations. It was great... but the feeling of knowing it could of been greater is what holds me back on the rating.

BodiesOfStanley responds:

ok look at this flash
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /276653
i also did this flash. I have improved sence then but still is of pretty shitty quality. Now try to imagine the Zero flash in that manner. As im trying to better myself in animation i still wanna put out something of in the least a little quality. i understand where your comming from man and thanks for the response and im glad you liked my flash as much as you did even if it was a little bit :)

Wow! I'm amazed!

Tis is by far possibly the best Megaman Zero storyline ever on Newgrounds. I was just awed to amazement at how the battles were done nicely while all in all the music rocked. Nice Sonic Music at the Zero Contacts X by communicators. Man oh man I would love to see that sequal indeed. I hope you good luck with your future because I believe yours will be very bright. 10 out of 10.

BodiesOfStanley responds:

the sequal is in the making. thanks for liking my flash!


That's the best Mega Man sprite video I've seen for a long time. I hope you make more! Zero is quite intense. This submission is very different from your other one. It's good to see you're so open minded with your work. :)

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BodiesOfStanley responds:

Thank you, and there are a coupple artists on this account and you just inspired me to keep working on my sequel.

thank you again.

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3.29 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2006
9:55 PM EDT