Spider Bugs

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(Thanks for the frontpage Tom!)

The purpose of the game is to connect the most pairs of bugs of the same color to gain score. You have to click, aim and release. Gotta be accurate to calculate the other bug's speed to not fail the shot. The quicker and accurate you are the higher the score.

Btw, the idea of ladybugs mixed with spiders might be kinda crazy but couldn't imagine other way on how can ladybugs connect with other ones, and spiders were to thin to click on, plus... who cares?

Hope you like it!


Wow... go me...

I don't know how iit happened, but I have the top 3 scores on your high scores list. The 3rd is at least twice the 4th placed score.

Also, kinda fun, but could be better. I think the tumble weeds need to actually act as obstacles and not just visual distracitons. Also, perhaps the back ground could zoom out to show more of the area instead of the bugs just getting smaller. There could also be extra back grounds as well.

Also, tips for other players... save the sure shots for when you either need health or the bgs are about to fade away.

PhobiK responds:

Thanks for the your advices. I didn't think about zooming, but that would have been cool. It might be also good to make leaves and stuff obstacles, but that may turn the game a bit harder, and I liked it only as distractors. Thanks for the review =)


I totally loved it hoorah

PhobiK responds:

I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the review! :)


Very cool!

PhobiK responds:

Thanks :)


That was a weird game. I liked it. All of it was cool. I'm glad you had the sense to make the light stay in the same spot on the bug rather than do rotations with it. It makes more sense. Everything moved around so randomly too. It might be better if the speed changed around too, but it's okay if you don't do that. Actionscripting is hard, so I won't push you. But this was an overall great game. 5/5 (can you look at my stuff? I'm no pro, but still...)

PhobiK responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :) . I'll take a look to your stuff, I've seen some, they're fun.


Great submission. Thanks!

I enjoyed the game.

PhobiK responds:

Thanks to you, glad you liked it :)

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3.52 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2006
6:20 PM EDT
Skill - Collect