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-Pumpkin Roll-

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Whew! Those were a long two weeks!
This is my first completed flash game.
It's a platformer. Instructions are straightforward and in the game. Music, graphics, and programming by me.

You are a pumpkin. Roll past and on enemies. 13 levels in all. You get a score at the end, so collect as many coins as you can. Game mechanics are simple, jump on platforms- you can also "grip" onto them somewhat.


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but that was bad

i wold give it a 0 but it is good start

pritty good for a first game

it is a good start but a couple of things that could be a bit better is the game speed and putting different music for each level that loop track was getting old but other than that great game and the background was cool tooo way to go!

A slow game, but with promise

The graphics were an interesting blend, though their numbers and the level designs were repetitive. The music was mainly low profile so did not get on the nerves until later in the game.

However, the pacing of the game was painful. I would imagine a rolling game would involve slopes, intertia and velocity, not a stop-on-a-dime system. I don't think the pumpkin should be able to spin in the air, either, from a standstill.

In any case, a game I have to rate below average, but with promise for improvement.

Nice done

Nice and simply game, got only one advise: speed. The pumpkin rolls soooo slowly, add some speed and it's a lot more fun to play.

neat one

that was a pretty fun and interesting game you got here. it was a lot of fun to play and a great time killer. the graphics were nice, neat audio and the gameplay was good too. it was great for halloween too... then again, all games lately have halloween themes to them.
nice job on this one, hope it gets an award.

lonechicken responds:

Thank you very much, I seriously appreciate the review