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Price of burning our flag

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Oct 11, 2001 | 4:06 PM EDT

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Author Comments

heh, I mde this before I saw that other movie that uses the same pics as this.



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the money spent to make this movie - $0.01
time spent making this - 2 seconds
what i think about it? - retarded
seriosly i haven't burned the flag before but im pretty sure that if i did i wouldn't hold it in my hand...there really isn't any point in this slide show...wasnt flash at this wasn't blammed i'll never know


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I've burnt the flag a few times before, never caught me on fire. Oh, and this was pure shit. I think you're very sadist for putting that up. Besides, this makes you look stupid because this is like saying "Well, if you dissent and stop taking America's authoritarian and deadly orders and start thinking for yourself, then we are going to call you a terrorist and come and kill you!" You are a douchebag. I;d rather burn the flag then stand behind it without ever questioning it.


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It could've been any flag and that guy burning it could've been Jesus lighting the flag on fire but he caught himself on fire and that's funny as hell which is all that matters.


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AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!! canada is just jealous of our ability to have guns! fucking weenie contry would shrivel up and die if anything happened to it! drop dead you overgrown ice berg! I laugh at your weak will and lame accent!


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My view

Technically, terrorists are defined by their terror value. A person that commits crimes or demonstrations or acts for the purpose of inspiring terror is considered a terrorist.

Here in America, part of patriotism is a strong bond with our flag. We respect it and charish it. SOmeone burning it in an act of hate is a definate call to invoke negative feelings and thoughts. That would make them terrorists.

However, I find it espetially amusing and ironic that one fo the terrorists catches on fire/jumps into the fire, as it's like they lit up America and got burned ^_^
I have personal experience of being on an Honor Guard for flag retirements, and I do know that flag material creates some big, bright flames.

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