Broken Saints Chapter 4

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In this chapter, Kamimura (the Japanese Shino priest) meditates in the countryside and has a horrible vision of a dark and twisted city in the West...and an evil force that could destroy the entire world. His vision is the key to the mystery of the Saints.


GoGo Action Racer

this showed as much talent as its predecessors its an exellent series the graphics are immaculate i wish to see more!!!!!!;P

Not what I expected

Seeing a shinto priest in the trailer made me think that this series would make homage to, or maybe poke fun at the kitschy qualities of this sort of "mystical" anime style, but having not done that at all, I see a very westernized presentation of the priest. The unexplored past of the priest is an unsettling matter, perhaps best left that way, because this Rayden-inspired figure is going to be a sort of catalyst for future stories as well. I bring Rayden into this because he is also a Western interpretation of an Eastern fantastical tale. After each series, the audience is left with a set of questions concerning each character, and after this one, mine seem a little off center for reasons I know no why: What is Kamimura's connection with the moon? It seems to play a heavy symbolic role, and I would like to see it explored further.

another great movie

once again, nice work. this one had the best art of all the ones I've seen. I look forward to the next one.

nice but a little too long

that was pretty cool, the only prob i have is the length. i liked the whole meditation scene, and the comic style word bubbles


It was cool but what the hell was all those girly laughs at the end about?

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4.08 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2001
3:30 PM EDT