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Broken Saints Chapter 1

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Author Comments

SAMPLE THE ALL-NEW ART, EFFECTS, AND VOICE WORK FROM THE AWARD-WINNING DVD VERSION at www.brokensaints.com - it puts this shit to shame :) (The introduction to the Broken Saints universe, INTROITUS introduces Shandala, Oran, Kamimura, and Raimi, and hints at how the fates of these four strangers from the quiet corners of the globe may be connected.



I don't want to judge it too much, because I didn't see much of it. I enjoy anime, but I closed it after about 2 minutes. You should put some fast forward buttons on it because geez...that intro was booooring! Let me know if anyone understood anything that the girl was on about.


I'de like to give a big fuck you to the Sokari_dogo review because this is AWESOME!

What a Kingdom Hearts Knock off...

The introduction when the word "dream" gets all hazy and starts vibrating is exactly what happened in the intro for kingdom hearts.
And by the way people who made this crap, it isnt even a FLASH.
The person who made the script couldnt write anything so he/she just spun together some complicated and arcane words to make it seem like the whole thing means ANYthing.
Broken Saints <-------------------------------S H I T
The name doesnt mean anything they just wanted to make it sound all cool and goth so they put in the "scariest" thing they can think off. A more apropriate title would be: "Broken writer" or "This means absolutely and relatively nothing"

Garbage. All I have to say...

I agree with the above reviewer. This is garbage. I mean in the summary, it says we will find out about the world and 4 warriors or whoever, and next thing u know im caught sitting here watching useless crap. The dialogue is stupid. GET TO THE FREAKIN POINT!! This is not shakespeare, we need not all the dramatic phrases and exotic words.

Not once was i able to find out what the story actually meant. Hell, I got so bored that i just skipped through chapters. Still skipping (just right click and press play) I see no animation, no dialogue explaining the story, NOTHING. GET A NEW WRITER! Jesus Christ. You try so hard for the dramatic feel that it just feels STUPID. Blamming this crap your series does not deserve to be here. Go publish it somewhere else.


Learn something about cinematic pacing; it goes a long way. Anyway the graphics were very cliche and not as beautiful as, say, the new-age anime that it tries so desperately to emulate, and the nature of this "flash" movie should indeed involve ANIMATION of some kind. However, for the most part it does not. And as for the script, get a better writer. Metaphors are supposed to MEAN something, instead of simply putting words together like "fragile" and "burden" and "empty" to make modest-sounding expressions of NOTHINGNESS. God... so horrible...

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Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2001
3:19 PM EDT