Broken Saints Chapter 1

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SAMPLE THE ALL-NEW ART, EFFECTS, AND VOICE WORK FROM THE AWARD-WINNING DVD VERSION at www.brokensaints.com - it puts this shit to shame :) (The introduction to the Broken Saints universe, INTROITUS introduces Shandala, Oran, Kamimura, and Raimi, and hints at how the fates of these four strangers from the quiet corners of the globe may be connected.


Very nice to look at...

But not so much fun to watch. I can't understand what is happening, and my patience gives out long before the movie's end. Don't get me wrong, I love artistic movies, but they have to be interesting somehow in a way that will grab you. I just sat and stared at this one for a couple of minutes...then closed it.


"Wow" is the first word that comes to your mind when viewing this, but.. then, you realize that beyond the absopositively beautiful artwork, there is NOTHING going for this film. The only thing that moves at all in this ten-minute movie is the skeleton. once. The plot..lets just say it is "ambitious." UNfortunately, the attempt at being ultra-deep and thought-provoking and interesting turns out to have NO significance to life, and is impossible to follow. Not only that, the plot is disjointed and distant to the point of a weed dream. My advise is to give up on the Semi-deranged, but normal Newgrounds audience, and try a movie career, making "Drama" in Hollywood, The Academy is usually very appreciative of films that only make sense when on assorted intoxicants. You'll probably make more money than any of us will see in a lifetime.

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The art was really nice,and the animation was pretty good. The sounds you used fit in very well and were also good. nice job.

pretty good

read above [no text here]

Breath taking.

A Portal entry that rises above the rest like few others. A Manga-esque trip through the thoughts and minds of several widely separated but linked characters. A movie that caters to one's reason and intelect rather than another gore fest.
Warning: Use your brain for full enjoyment!

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4.07 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2001
3:19 PM EDT