Retarded Animal Babies 17

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RAB16, which completely rocks, has aliens, and continues a lot of stuff from RAB14, is only currently available on the DVD (as is RAB9), because I'm a greedy asshole. Now that that's freely admitted and out of the way...

Good to be back to Newgrounds with another installment for your enjoyment! Hope you've got nothing going on for a while, because this one weighs in at a hefty 8 minutes, and you may want to watch it at least twice, too.

RAB17 marks the beginning of my new animation method where I can finally say I've scrapped paper for good. I'm still getting used to the Cintiq tablet but the production time is halved and the animation quality (such as it is) is increased. RAB was always a way for me to siphon off my filthy filth; get it out of my system, so I can keep my other professional works clean & free of titfucking aliens (for example). But RAB17 actually has a lot of crap in it that I'm proud of too, and I can thus actually say it's my favorite episode yet. OK, second favorite. I'll be the first to admit that nothing on Earth that I ever do will surpass the first RAB flick.

I know it's been six months since the last RAB film on Newgrounds. The DVD (and RAB16 which was still done using the painfully laborious old process of drawing everything on paper first), stole away my entire summer. It came out fantastic & was worth it though! I hope you agree if you decide to pick one up someday.



Dave, I was a fan of your earlier work, but as of recently, I seemed to have enjoyed the series less. I think this is because of a few things, perhaps you've pushed the potential of the characters in the series to the limit, the idea is running old or the jokes just aren't funny any more. While the technical aspects are relatively impressive and the effort put in was huge, there was nothing in here that really impressed me here.

The animation was good, but not as good quality as some of the best stuff that you see on the site, for obvious reasons, as this isn't intended to show off your animation skills. You seemed to have made this cartoony-style animation as good as it can get, and I must congratulate you on the effort that you put into something like this. The sound production of this short animation must have had some large effort put into it, and I credit you for that.

However, nothing in the whole flash animation seemed to amuse me. The jokes were too predictable and there were far too blatantly-full-out sex jokes, and characters randomly spurting out words. The earlier movies in this series made me laugh, because they didn't rely on the characters randomly shouting out 'poop' or crude visual gags. Sure, they had some, but they were not so overused to the extent of this episode that they actually had some humour value. But with this one, practically all of the jokes were like this, and I thought it was a bit of a bore to sit through. You used to (or at least it seemed like it) put more care into your gags, and they actually worked.

I honestly did not like this episode. I appreciate the time and care that you put into this, but I found that there was nothing enjoyable in this flash.


These are halarious good fucking work.


Best one in the series! A+! Vigrea reallt does that job huh? Okay i'll abuse it...

Awesome work, as always!

I hope you enjoy that $1,000.00 you are going to win.... Like I had a chance anyway... LOL
Review: I found this ep. to be on par with most of your other ones. But for some reason, it seemed a bit smoother... Thank you for your continued work! You Rock!

Great !

loved it ! Make more man !

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Oct 23, 2006
12:12 AM EDT
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