Ingus: Episode 8

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*Requires flash 8, and contains graphic-intense sequences
Yay! It's finally done! I know it's had some setbacks(school, the Waterman thing, and laziness), but it's now finished and, at the very, least better than episode 7!
Running Time - approx. 3:20.


Its about time

I reamin your loyal fan. I've been waiting for another Ingus episode to come out, and finally it has.

The Good
Wonderful graphic arts-the animation style is smooth and simple, something everyone can admire.
The Past refrences- In many of your short animations you are prone to leaving small little refrences to other cartoons that you have created. This one was mainly the bear and the paper at the start of the animation, but it is great when a fan can go "Hey, I've seen that before"

The Bad
The Sound-this is the only real problem that I have and it is gradually getting better as you make more animations. In this one it was very good. Volume of certain sounds cause problems. some are loud and make my speakers part my hair while others are quiet and i am unable to hear. So i have the sound high then i have to turn it down so i dont go deaf. Just some constructive criticism. Thats the only issue i have.

Great short, and i am looking forward to the next (as well as a possible response to this review?)

Congrats on your victory.

KupaMan responds:

I love these kinds of reviews! I always get probably 50% "DAT WUZ GRATE LOL" and 50% "FUK*NG SUX BALLZ!" I like knowing where I'm going right, and where I'm going wrong.

For the graphics, thanks. This one was a lot more fun visually to do for me.

For the audio, I know. I took some extra measures to avoid the biggest problems to plague the last ones. I'm aware there are some that are still present, but a lot of them are hopefully flooded out by people's bad speakers. I know it doesn't sound great on headphones, but the next ones will probably be a ton better.

Thanks for the review! Please review my other submissions in the future, and always be honest. Even if it hardcore sucks.


hahaha funny good job


Nice, a really good job. When's the next ingus coming out?

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Damn cheap Mexican UFO's

The pony was out of the stable the whole time you were talking! Sick dude! Anyway yeah he was determined to make that sale despite the fact that Ingus has the Devil's door and those African toothbrushes were cursed by Incans because he's an alien! ....(spoiler) So yeah I can see why. Mexico must suck, still!


keep making episodes

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4.27 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2006
12:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Original

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