Ingus: Episode 8

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*Requires flash 8, and contains graphic-intense sequences
Yay! It's finally done! I know it's had some setbacks(school, the Waterman thing, and laziness), but it's now finished and, at the very, least better than episode 7!
Running Time - approx. 3:20.


hey good flash

hey this is that kid from art class. i just submitted a movie a bit ago, and then i saw ingus 8 on here. great work. see ya

KupaMan responds:

Thanks. I'll have to watch some of your stuff. Glad you liked it.

The cleverness is astounding!

I would have included a pause and play button since it was disabled for this episode but I will overlook this minor inconvenience since the episode itself makes up for that.

First off, I noticed that the salesman and various other things were obviously drawn with the pencil (line) tool. Do you not have a tablet? I believe that your lines would look better with the paintbrush tool. I loved how you introduced the bear “video-game” style and "teeth-brushing." Hahaha. The tooth brush speech was the best part and the porcupine’s one-liner was mint.

The episode makes no sense at all and that's the beauty of it. "300 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers!" He comes back with tiny chunks of metal and then sneezes on the salesman. What was he? Hopefully he will appear again.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and I believe you need a theme song of some sort, hit me up via PM, AIM, or MSN if you are interested. Keep it up, and I am looking forward to episode 9, Christmas Special, and 10.

KupaMan responds:

The reason in the past that I didn't have a pause button was because I used Movieclips a lot and for more than just loops, but I actually stopped using them a while back, so I should probably put one in there next time.
The characters are drawn with a pencil tool, though I initially do them in the brush. I have a WACOM tablet, but I do them in lines to keep them looking consistent. I'm trying to work away from lines in other projects, though.
Jesse Tompkins is an alien. I didn't depict too well that Ingus' watery sneeze melted his face. When I wrote the joke, I was making fun of Signs. I probably should have made his face look like those aliens,' but oh well. I may have him back some day, but probably more as a cameo.
I'm glad you liked it.

not bad...

it was good... funny! lol... the salesman.. keep it up! hope to see the next episode soon!

Yeah trades men are evil

the other ones were funnier, stilll good story

ingus should run for office

that was a total wast of my time. yet i enjoyed every mintue of it. that was really stupid. That was really smart . that was Freaking lame. Best Thing i ever saw.

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4.27 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2006
12:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Original

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