The Moksha

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Before you watch this, I'd strongly recommend watching "A Strange Trip". However, they don't HAVE to be viewed in chronological order.

"Moksha" is the Sanskrit word for "liberation". When you see this movie, it'll make sense.

Lastly, before anyone says anything, no, this was in no way drug-induced or inspired. My imagination is crazy enough when sober.


Very good!

Man, that was really good (an excellent complement considering I had just been watching the Brakenwood series!). Unfortunatly, I don't believe you (about the drug use)...

4/5, keep it up! (Nice music, by the way).

PsYcH0B0YTiM responds:

Okay, yes, one of the characters IS modeled after an amanita muscaria (a type of "magic mushroom").

However, I was not under the influence of them (or anything) when I came up with the idea for this movie, nor was I under the influence of ANYTHING while making it.

Well, unless you count Sudafed, Robitussin, and asprin, cuz during construction I got a little sick with a nice head cold.

But, I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. Oh, and Adam Phillips is one of my flash idols.

Well, this was long enough, even though this crap say's I got 3,500+ characters remaining. Screw that, who can write THAT much in review response?


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3.71 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2006
10:48 PM EDT
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