Clans at War

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Ok, to all you people complaining that I've been ripping off Brom. I emailed him saying that I didn't intend it that way. This was his response:

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 18:55:28 -0700
From: "morb" <hidden for privacy>
To: <Spiderclone@tuol.org>
Subject: Re: Newgrounds - Clans at War

Hey Simon,

Your animation was brought to my attention the other day, it was a well

I think the best way to avoid trouble is to just state right up front that
the work is a tribute - then you can avoid all the negative comments.

You are obviously very talented so make sure you keep at it.

Best of luck with your work,


Visit www.BromArt.com

----- Original Message -----
From: "Simon Stenhouse" <Spiderclone@tuol.org>
To: <hidden for privacy>
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 5:51 PM
Subject: Newgrounds - Clans at War

> Hi,
> I'm the author of the animation called 'Clans at War' which is at
Newgrounds. I've taken it down because of complaints from other net user's
who've said it looks too similar to your work. I admit that the artwork
does look very similar. I used your work as guides for mine. I never intended to cause all the fuss I seem to have done. If there are any question's you'd like to ask me go right ahead.
> Thanks for your time and sorry abou this.
> _______________________________________
> -. www.tuol.org .-

So, you can quit with the flaming. All this commotion has sort of made me go sour on this series. I might go back to it and redo the art but instead I've decided to start working on a whole new series. Don't worry. I wont be using anybody's art as 'guides' in this one. It'll be all me. I think I've learnt my lesson from this. Meanwhile I'll post up a part of what I'd finished. It's not much different to what I origionally put up though. So, look at this as a tribute to Brom's art! go see his stuff at www.bromart.com

The Clan Bio's in this version aren't completed. Only the Black Bear's Bio is partially done. When I feel like going back to this series I'll finish it all and upload the rest of the stuff I did.


Is it finished?

When i tried to view the clan's bio's, I saw a animation that...I think...was meant to be in the 'episode 1' scene. When I started wathing episode I saw the shadow wolfs killing 2 guys, and after that the same movie clip as in the bio section...I was sent to the bio section after I watched the animation again...only 1 movie in the bio section is working... what is this...a 1200 K movie should be more than this.

StenFLASH responds:

The pre-loader is stuffing up for some reason and letting people go to the menu before it's finished loading the whole file. If you bothered to read my NOTE in my comment's you'd see that I said the Clan Bio's wont work properly unless you wait for the whole file to load FIRST!

This was cool

This was cool because it just was very impressive

Dude awsome!!!

that was really really cool you gotta make that.

Not good...

Alright, after reading through the reviews, it seems that this is a trailer but... I dunno

Well, I thought it was awful. The art for the people was pretty good, but that seemed to be just about it. The animation was done pretty bad. Not the worst but far from the best. If those shadowed figures on pikes were supposed to be Nothing exciting happened either... Sure, 2 guys died, but it didn't seem to be done very well. I mean... the 2nd half of that movie had absolutely no point.


StenFLASH responds:

The animation in the scenes shown during the trailer has been improved considerably. This was just a trailer and the second part of the movie doesn't make any sense yet because it isn't finished. I could've left that part out but decided to throw it into the trailer so people would have more to see. So tell me, was the animation of that guy walking bad? because I thought that looked alright to me.


Good work! That was a pretty cool animation
Also (Note: Im not attacking you about copying or anything) Is the bit in the intro :
There is no respite
There is no peace
There is only hope
From Warhammer 40k cause theres a similar saying
on the rule book only hope is replaced with war
Just a Thought

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