Clans at War

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Ok, to all you people complaining that I've been ripping off Brom. I emailed him saying that I didn't intend it that way. This was his response:

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 18:55:28 -0700
From: "morb" <hidden for privacy>
To: <Spiderclone@tuol.org>
Subject: Re: Newgrounds - Clans at War

Hey Simon,

Your animation was brought to my attention the other day, it was a well

I think the best way to avoid trouble is to just state right up front that
the work is a tribute - then you can avoid all the negative comments.

You are obviously very talented so make sure you keep at it.

Best of luck with your work,


Visit www.BromArt.com

----- Original Message -----
From: "Simon Stenhouse" <Spiderclone@tuol.org>
To: <hidden for privacy>
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 5:51 PM
Subject: Newgrounds - Clans at War

> Hi,
> I'm the author of the animation called 'Clans at War' which is at
Newgrounds. I've taken it down because of complaints from other net user's
who've said it looks too similar to your work. I admit that the artwork
does look very similar. I used your work as guides for mine. I never intended to cause all the fuss I seem to have done. If there are any question's you'd like to ask me go right ahead.
> Thanks for your time and sorry abou this.
> _______________________________________
> -. www.tuol.org .-

So, you can quit with the flaming. All this commotion has sort of made me go sour on this series. I might go back to it and redo the art but instead I've decided to start working on a whole new series. Don't worry. I wont be using anybody's art as 'guides' in this one. It'll be all me. I think I've learnt my lesson from this. Meanwhile I'll post up a part of what I'd finished. It's not much different to what I origionally put up though. So, look at this as a tribute to Brom's art! go see his stuff at www.bromart.com

The Clan Bio's in this version aren't completed. Only the Black Bear's Bio is partially done. When I feel like going back to this series I'll finish it all and upload the rest of the stuff I did.



"Spiderclone's response:
Dark Sun? never heard of it. People should realise that all the good things have already been done and that it's inevitable that everything has similarities to something else."

What a bald-faced lie. look at these pictures then watch the movie. They are almost 100% rip-offs. He didn't just use Brom's art as a "guide". Look for yourself. I rewatched it a couple times to make sure and all he did was retrace them, change the colors and maybe move or add some small things.

http://mrmagoo.fort unecity.com/brom/crossed-sword s.jpg

http://mrmagoo.fortun ecity.com/brom/grinning-wraith .jpg

http://mrmagoo.fortune city.com/brom/miss-muffet.jpg

http://mrmagoo.fortunecity. com/brom/blood-charge.jpg

I didnt even add urls for all the pictures he ripped off.

This should be taken off until he removes all unoriginal material.(e.g. practically all of it)

StenFLASH responds:

Like I _SAID_, "I've never heard of Dark Sun". I'm a Brom fan but still didn't know that Dark Sun was another word for his work. I took a look at the url's you've posted. Those are some of the pictures that I used for reference. I've already _SAID_ that I've used his work as guides. _LIFE IS JUST REPEATING ITSELF OVER AND OVER IT SEEMS!_


If the old saying 'Imitation is the highest form of flatery' is true..Then Gerald Brom must be flat-the-fuck-out-flattered by your interpretation of his work in your portal..
I read all the back reviews..I seen both sides of the coin..My conclusion is this..you have talent bubba. that much is apparent. Your visions in this portal come across loud and clear.
But ( and there is ALWAYS a 'but') your brom induced inspirations were so damn strong that they rendered your work as rip off..really.
Don't get me wrong..I liked it..it just needs to be more of you and less brom..cuss me out if ya like*LOL* I can see why you emulated brom...he rules!

I loved it

I cant wait till you come out with the rest of these series. I have a slow assed dial up connection and it will be worth waiting for them to load. GOOD LUCK. PS I dont care where you got the inspiration. Just know that you are inspired

Give him a break!!

Please! Give me a break! I watch this cartoon and say to myself, hey I have seen this work somewhere else? BROM! I have a book of his artwork, and at first I was a little angry that he copied his work, but then I read his comments and forgave. But some of you just dont get the point do you? He admittedly said that he used Brom artwork as "reference" and help along the way. All ive got to say is this, If you are not Brom himself writing and complaining, then Shut the h*ll UP!

Oh where do I start first?

Considering the opening drawings are either tracings or some other graphic program work from pictures off of the Dark Sun settings books and boxed sets, when the artist did his own work, it was mediocre at best. As for the violence. gee how many heads have to come off in these? And why is someone impressed with that? That's just dumb. Your style is lacking, I see no story whatsoever because you don't even have a dialouge with the characters in the trailor. The sound was ok, but at least edit the sounds static and pops out. I know my system is just fine because I tested soon after watching this toon and nothing was wrong. And the animation was choppy to stiff, but if you are still learning the trade of animation that's understandable, no one starts out pro. Well keep trying kiddo!

StenFLASH responds:

Dark Sun? never heard of it. People should realise that all the good things have already been done and that it's inevitable that everything has similarities to something else.

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