Wireframe Wars

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Battle your way through space into the highscores!

Hello everybody and welcome to an oldie (well it is now <<). The game is fun and I might make a sequel with boss fights and powerups, etc... Well have fun :D


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nice game

its a pretty good game but since it doesnt have any extras like power-ups (or a point at that matter [A.K.A bosses or seperated levels]) it didnt get my ten but it still has ALOT of potental ill be looking forward to number 2

I liked it!

That was a nice classic concept done in a very classic, simple way. I liked the simplicity and the smoothness of the game.
I love these kinds of things, so I played it for an hour or so :).
Good job!

It's good and all...

Wel...let me first explain:
Graphics: I liked the wireframe, and there was nothing too iritating, but at the same time, nothing really spectacular.

Style: It's really just a top down space shooter...Nothing innovative or new...

Sound: I liked the music...but the repetive sounds of the blasters got annoying.

Violence: You're shooting ships....no bood/gore, but meh not going to happen in space.

Interactivity: It's a game.

Humor: Not really funny.

Comments / Suggestions:
I would have liked to see eom powerups other than heath. Like, temporary invincibility, different weapons, like 2 different attacks, one that you have infinate of, and can get powerups to make better, and a seccondaty that has a limit, but it pretty good to use.

When the ships die, the explosion also stopps the bullets.

pretty nice. couple easy things to fix, though

1) the big rocks weren't opaque, so the ships probably weren't either. wireframe or not, making them blot out the stars would be a lot more pleasing.

2) crank the speed up 1.5x or double, or have it crank up as you progress.

and i agree with everyone else, powerups/bosses would make this awesome

a good arcade base game

this game is a very good arcade base game and i like the way you've taken simple animations and made a very cool game. i do however agree with the last guy in saying that it would be better with some more guns and power ups. the only thing i can see that is wrong is that on some occasions the health spawns inside an obstacle making it imposible for you to grab it without dying

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3.76 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2006
10:17 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight