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I did this for school. But its kinda funny, hope ya like it... Enjoy!


cool one

a little bit short, but this one was pretty cool. your drawings were nice and the beginning was quite good too. the whole idea was a little random, but i always enjoy seeing people's school/college work on here... it always proves that they put a great effort into it, and this one definitely had a good effort in it.
good work... but as for next time, make it a little bit longer overall.

Scottspictures responds:

Thanks, I love you.


As a school project, I would have totally given you an A+. Way more work than you probably would have had to do for the assignment. Shows that you have incentive and drive to do well.

This actually got me off my ass to review it, which is amazing seeing as I haven't done one in a while. You seem fine with character and story and all that fun stuff they teach you in english.

Focus on the actual visual aspect of you flash. Attention to detail, cleaning up the frames of the characters, etc. It's all in the practice, which if you are willing to do, will eventually yeild results.

You can at least draw, that's the good part, no stick figures for you. If you really want to get into this, get a drawing pad. If you were using one, then again, practice. I bet your tired of me trying to tell you stuff now, so farwell

Scottspictures responds:

No, I love when people leave me reviews. I love to hear what they have to say and why they gave me what they did. And no I don't have a drawing pad, but I've gotten attached to using the mouse. And yes, I am willing to practice, so I hope you'll see me in the future.

heh, lol

It was pretty funny. A good joke, but thats it. You have potential though consider doing some character development and making this into a series. Also I should add you did good on the voices. This whould have sucked if you used text bubbles. It's good you did voices and you did them well so kudos on that. Keep up the good work.

Scottspictures responds:

I have potential? I HAVE POTENTIAL!!! WOOO! And hell no would I use damn text bubbles, I agree, text bubbles just ruin the whole animation. But a series? Like what, the me and my angle dude? Or just me in general, cause the 2'nd one sounds fun.

I would've voted 2 but...

It was sorta educational. And it doesn't explain to much. but that doesn't matter. It's all in a nice style. I like your sense of humor. The music at the end was cool. the graphis were good. All except the graph. That looked like it was rushed. But it doesn't matter. you have potential, skill, talent (all the same). I'd like to see more work from you so keep it up!

Scottspictures responds:

hee hee, your the 2'nd person whos, ever, complamented me on my sense of humor, you, and my girlfriend.

Makes Me Want To Draw A Graph.

Not really, but cool flash! =3

Scottspictures responds:

heh, draw a graph. You know whats really wierd? Its for science class! I swear!

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Oct 20, 2006
10:10 PM EDT
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