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Author Comments

We at Lime Time Television must throw in our two cents. Hope it's rated better than our last one...


Bin Latte'

SumGui has a point, but people need to see some sort of punishment for Osama Bin Asshole. We're Americans, for Pete's sake! It's called vengeance. It wouldn't have been so bad if they were soldiers, as soldiers are ready to die for their country. But these were civilians who were innocent of such acts of terrorism. This is why the Anti-Osama Section was made. To comfort those who lost their loved ones in the Sept. 11 incident. Anyways, another good addition to the Anti-Osama section.


I did like the music in the credits...
Regarding the entire situation that's been going on in Afghanistan, I'm adhering to the command, "Thou shalt not kill". Though I think we should definitely stop him and incarcerate him, and though he will most likely kill himself before he has the chance, and then will meet his fair judgment on the other side, I don't think we have nor should take that responsibility of deciding when someone dies on ourselves. After all, do we think bin Laden had that privilage, assuming that he was even the one behind the Sept. 11th attacks in the first place? But this video is just a single expression of a violent killing. It is quite simply only encouraging another death to pile up on top of the others that have passed. And even if bin Laden was responsible for these terrorist acts, killing him won't bring back the people who died, and it won't stop terrorism in the future from happening. In fact, if he is seen as a martyr by other terrorists or members of Al Queda, it may cause it.

sucked really bad

the worst freakin' movie i've seen yet,mabe. DO NOT BOTHER TO WATCH! you'll be disapointed


OKAY movie. Short though.

I've seen MUCH better.

I didn't really like it. It was boring. Too plain. You need a song to go with it. But I am impressed with the Graphics. I couldn't do that!
But the movie overall sucks.

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Credits & Info

2.05 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2001
10:03 PM EDT